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The Write Stuff: A Letter of Instructions

When you draft an estate plan, the centerpiece is your will or living trust. But there’s still a place at the table for a document that has absolutely no legal authority: a “letter of instructions” to your heirs.
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Fortifying Your Business with Enterprise Risk Management

Hundreds of years ago, prosperous towns managed the various risks of foreign invaders, thieves and wild animals by fortifying their entire communities with walls and towers. Today’s business owners can take a similar approach with enterprise risk management (ERM).
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Dashboards Can Help Nonprofit Boards Focus on Critical Goals

Not-for-profit board members need to keep an eye on how well their organizations are meeting major goals and furthering their missions. One of the easiest, quickest ways for boards to do this is with a “dashboard” of key performance indicators.
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Research Credit Can Offset a Small Business’s Payroll Taxes

Does your small business engage in qualified research activities? If so, you may be eligible for a research tax credit that you can use to offset your federal payroll tax bill.
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Minimize Inventory, Services to Make Your Financials Shine

A variety of threats can cast a dark shadow on your company’s financial statements. Keeping your inventory or service selection in tip-top shape can help ensure that the numbers look bright.
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