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Measuring “Fair Value” For Financial Reporting Purposes

When estimating fair value, accounting rules favor market-based inputs over unobservable assumptions, such as cash flow and cost estimates.
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5 Accounting Mistakes Your Nonprofit Should Avoid

To err is human, but your not-for-profit’s supporters, not to mention the IRS, may be less than forgiving about financial and bookkeeping mistakes. So attend to accounting details to avoid pitfalls.
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Saving Tax With Home-Related Deductions And Exclusions

Home ownership comes with many tax-saving opportunities to consider when filing your 2016 return or tax planning for 2017.
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Simple Ways To Improve Your Nonprofit’s Cash Flow

To reduce the risk of budget deficits and increase cash flow, your not-for-profit may need to change its receipt, billing and disbursement practices.
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Consider Key Person Insurance as a Succession Plan Safeguard

For many companies, the sudden death of an owner or hard-to-replace employee could spell doom for the business itself. Key person insurance guards against this risk.
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