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What Is a Business?

What’s a business? The accounting rules defining the term “business” have been unclear, requiring many routine asset purchases to be treated like complex business combinations.
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Can You Defer Taxes on Advance Payments?

Can you defer tax on advance payments to your business? Maybe.
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Explore All of Your Options When Appointing the Executor of Your Estate

The executor’s role is critical to the administration of an estate and the achievement of estate planning objectives. Your first instinct may be to name a trusted family member as executor. However, that might not be the best choice.
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Identify All of Your Company’s Retirement Plan Fiduciaries

Your company probably offers an employee retirement plan. If so, it’s a critical risk management step to know who has fiduciary status and the associated liability.
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How to Write a Nonprofit Annual Report They’ll Want to Read

Everyone from major donors to grantmakers to the government reads nonprofit annual reports — and use them to make important decisions affecting organizations. So it’s critical that you create an annual report that’s both substantive and interesting enough to keep readers’ attention.
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