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Pro Forma Compilations Look at How an Alternative Course of Action Would Have Affected Financials

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has clarified its guidance on pro forma compilations.
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Dot The “I’s” And Cross The “T’s” On Loans Between Your Business And Its Owners

Treating transfers of money between a closely held business and its owners as loans can provide tax advantages. But the IRS looks closely at such transactions, so it’s critical to establish that the transaction is truly a loan.
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Should your nonprofit take out a loan?

Before your nonprofit borrows, know that it takes prudent financial management and reliable donor support to pay back a loan.
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Business owners: Put your successor in a position to succeed

Transitioning your company to a successor means becoming a mentor. As such, you’ll have to communicate clearly, be patient and know what you’re trying to accomplish
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Choosing the Best Way to Reimburse Employee Travel Expenses

Reimbursing employee travel expenses can provide tax benefits to both your business and the employee.
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