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Accounting Fraud

What is Accounting Fraud?
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Budget Planning Tips

Every good financial plan has some form of a budget. Making a budget can be tough; however, sticking to a budget for some is even tougher. Starting the process is always the hardest part.
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Avoiding Cash Flow Problems

Many small business owners lack an understanding of basic accounting principles which creates an even bigger reason to rely on the help of a professional accounting firm. To avoid running into cash flow problems, it is important you understand some accounting basics.
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Using Cash To Reduce Spending

. Even though using credit or debit cards are sometimes the most convenient method, it often leads the spender to frivolous purchases and poor tracking of one’s budget. When you don’t see the actual changing of money between hands, the value of that money can start to drop, therefore, leading to spending outside of the boundaries.
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Expense Report Deductions

Anyone handling expense reports should be trained in this policy since these reports will help to create an itemized list of deductible items that are often examined by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Expense reports also are filed when it comes to company reimbursement.
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