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Auditing related-party transactions

The risk of double dealing abounds when a company does business with its parent company, a subsidiary or other related parties. Here’s how auditors identify and accurately report these transactions.
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The Confirmation Process: A Key Audit Step

When performing an audit, CPAs send out confirmation letters to verify account balances and transactions. Third-party responses can help identify exceptions, misstatements and even fraud. But the confirmation process can be time-consuming.
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Four Tips to Protect Your Business From Credit Card Fraud

Protecting your business from credit card fraud requires you to follow a few steps. These important steps, although minor, are often neglected by business owners. Don't leave your business vulnerable.
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Accounting Fraud

What is Accounting Fraud?
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Protect Your Kids From ID Theft

As a parent, you probably have talked to your child about online safety. The following are some tips to ensure that your child doesn't become a victim of identity theft.
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