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Deadline Approaches for Remedial Amendments for 403(B) Plans

Deadline January 2020: It’s important for plan sponsors to start examining their plan documents now, to determine if they are in compliance with the latest regulations. Amendments may take months to prepare and adopt. Just like filing taxes, the closer you get to the deadline, the harder—and possibly more costly—it will be to address any issues that need to be resolved.
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Lessons Learned from Implementing ASU 2016-14 – Functional Expenses

Keep it simple. Guidelines on reporting functional expenses.
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Q1 2019 Updates For Economic Nexus Thresholds On Remote Sellers For Sales and Use Taxes

Get a summary and insights on nexus thresholds for online sellers.
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GASB Simplifies Accounting for Capitalized Interest

Get the latest from the Governmental Accounting Standards Board on capitalized interest calculations.
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The Uniform Guidance – Five Years and Counting

There continue to be key areas where entities encounter issues with Uniform Guidance established five years ago. Here's five areas of special concern.
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