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Personal Income Taxes: 1099-Gs and 1099 INTs Available Electronically

Georgia—Corporate, Personal Income Taxes: 1099-Gs and 1099 INTs Available Electronically
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Gift Acceptance Policy

Many nonprofits receive contributions of both cash and non-cash gifts and are often hesitant to refuse any donations offered. However, there are certain non-cash gifts that can cause issues and at times even cost the nonprofit money.
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Window For Opportunity Zones Is Narrowing

As the end of 2019 approaches, so does the deadline to receive specific tax benefits for Opportunity Zone investments.
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Maximizing Good: 3 Steps to Meeting Your Nonprofit’s Potential

Whether they’re on a quest to combat social injustice, poverty or climate change, nonprofits play a vital role in keeping our society moving forward. And yet, noble intentions are not enough for nonprofits to effectively fulfill their intended goals.
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Challenges with Gifts-in-Kind

Many nonprofit organizations receive a variety of gifts-in-kind (GIK) that provide them with resources to supplement their programming.
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