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Use a Noncharitable Purpose Trust to Achieve a Variety of Goals

Generally, trusts must have one or more human beneficiaries, but there’s an exception for certain “purpose” trusts, such as a noncharitable purpose (NCP) trust.
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​Don’t Overlook Tax Apportionment When Planning Your Estate

If you expect your estate to have a significant estate tax liability at your death and you want to avoid unintended consequences, be sure to include a well-drafted tax apportionment clause in your will or revocable trust.
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Claiming a Federal Tax Deduction for Moving Costs

Summer is a popular time to move, whether it’s so the kids don’t have to change schools mid-school-year, to avoid having to move in bad weather or simply because it can be an easier time to sell a home
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Worried About Challenges To Your Estate Plan? Make It No Contest

The idea that someone might challenge your estate plan after you’re gone can be disconcerting. A no-contest clause essentially disinherits anyone who contests your will and loses
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Saving Tax With Home-Related Deductions And Exclusions

Home ownership comes with many tax-saving opportunities to consider when filing your 2016 return or tax planning for 2017.
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