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What Plan Sponsors Need to Know About Dol Enforcement and Red Flags

Attracting and retaining millennials, the largest segment of today’s workforce, is a priority for companies in one of the tightest labor markets in history. One way to do this is to re-evaluate the company’s benefits—particularly the retirement plan—so that they better align with millennials’ needs and priorities.
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Deadline Approaches for Remedial Amendments for 403(B) Plans

Deadline January 2020: It’s important for plan sponsors to start examining their plan documents now, to determine if they are in compliance with the latest regulations. Amendments may take months to prepare and adopt. Just like filing taxes, the closer you get to the deadline, the harder—and possibly more costly—it will be to address any issues that need to be resolved.
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Preserve Wealth for Yourself and your Heirs Using Asset Protection Strategies

If you wish to protect your assets while retaining some control over them, consider an irrevocable trust.
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Make Health Care Decisions While You’re Healthy

A critical aspect of estate planning is having a plan for making medical decisions in the event you’re unable to make them yourself.
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Identify All of Your Company’s Retirement Plan Fiduciaries

Your company probably offers an employee retirement plan. If so, it’s a critical risk management step to know who has fiduciary status and the associated liability.
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