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What Plan Sponsors Need to Know About Dol Enforcement and Red Flags

Attracting and retaining millennials, the largest segment of today’s workforce, is a priority for companies in one of the tightest labor markets in history. One way to do this is to re-evaluate the company’s benefits—particularly the retirement plan—so that they better align with millennials’ needs and priorities.
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Reimagining Business Resilience For The Agile Age

Businesses need to rethink the way they manage risk in order to remain resilient and agile in today's environment.
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Plan Sponsors: Trends to Watch in 2019

Last year brought many challenges to the employee benefits world. As plan sponsors outline their strategies and approaches for the new year, they need to be mindful of how these and other developing trends will affect the employee benefits landscape in 2019.
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Eight Key Tax Planning Opportunities for 2019

Strategic tax planning now is key to lowering businesses’ total tax liability. Read on for eight top planning opportunities and considerations businesses should review as part of their 2019 strategy.
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An FLP can save tax in a family business succession

A family limited partnership (FLP) can help you enjoy the tax benefits of transferring ownership in your business to the next generation yet allow you to retain control.
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