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Lessons Learned from Implementing ASU 2016-14 – Functional Expenses

Keep it simple. Guidelines on reporting functional expenses.
Posted: June 27th, 2019 | Permalink

GASB Simplifies Accounting for Capitalized Interest

Get the latest from the Governmental Accounting Standards Board on capitalized interest calculations.
Posted: June 13th, 2019 | Permalink

IRS AND Treasury Release Second Set of Opportunity Zone Guidance

Get a summary of the special rules for capital gains invested in opportunity zones.
Posted: June 11th, 2019 | Permalink

How Employers Can Calculate Nondeductible Employee Parking Expenses, And Possibly Reduce Them By March 2019

Employers who own or lease parking facilities that have “reserved” parking spaces for employees have until March 31, 2019, to reduce the reserved employee spaces to qualify for the “general public” parking exception to the nondeductible employee parking rules. If that change is timely made, the IRS will treat the change as being in effect since January 1, 2018.
Posted: May 1st, 2019 | Permalink

Eight Key Tax Planning Opportunities for 2019

Strategic tax planning now is key to lowering businesses’ total tax liability. Read on for eight top planning opportunities and considerations businesses should review as part of their 2019 strategy.
Posted: February 19th, 2019 | Permalink