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Four Tips to Protect Your Business From Credit Card Fraud

Protecting Your Business from Credit Card Fraud

Businesses are often the victims of credit card fraud and frequently lose revenues when these crimes occur.  With the recent boom of e-commerce businesses and online stores, it is easier than ever for criminals to use unauthorized credit card information to make purchases.  So how can you protect your business?  BatesCarter would like to offer you these very simple procedures that you can follow to keep your business from becoming a victim. 

  • Watch For Unordinary or Unusual Activity

    If you operate an online store, it is often easier to notice this type of activity. If you start to notice trends that have never happened before, you may want to consider the possibility that fraudulent activity could be taking place. Some of these trends include the purchase of multiple expensive orders, international orders and one customer making several small orders in a very short interval of time.
  • Ask For Card Verification

     The three digit verification number (CVN) found on the back of a credit card or the four digit number on the front of an American Express card can help avoid fraudulent transactions. Many times criminals have access to all of the stolen account information, but often not the card itself.  This is the security purpose behind a CVN code. Ask the purchaser to include these numbers in their transaction.
  • Ask For Address Verification

    Along with asking for card verification, also ask for address verification. This will help make certain the card is registered to the proper card holder.  Also, if a purchaser makes multiple purchases with one billing address and a completely different shipping address, you may want to seek further verification from that particular customer.
  • Call The Customer

    When all else fails and a transaction comes through that you don’t feel comfortable about, simply call the customer to confirm. This may add time to the transaction process, but it is a great way to confirm a transaction. If you sell large quantities of products, you may want to consider doing this for large orders or for new customers.


Small businesses can take a serious financial loss from credit card fraud and it happens more and more every day.  Contact BatesCarter today to learn more about preventing fraud and let us help protect the financial future of your business!

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