Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution

Accounting services for the manufacturing & distribution industry

Manufacturing has long been the backbone of the U.S. economy. In fact, we believe that without it, our country cannot survive. That is why at BatesCarter we consider our role as advisors and planners for manufacturers in the North Georgia and Atlanta area to be vitally important. Our clients range from small, boutique manufacturers to larger industry-specific manufacturers.

Warehousing and distribution is a key component to any thriving business. Major decisions such as, location for a warehouse based on transportation infrastructure and labor pools are often coupled with a cost analysis of local tax incentive packages. That is where we come in. Not only can we evaluate the offer made for you to relocate, we can also help in targeted-return negotiations. We like win-win deals and find that a win-win is often simply a matter of communication and understanding local tax structure.

You need to know that your CPA is not only abreast of the changes in laws to help you remain compliant but is also able to discuss, dissect and deploy new ideas that keep you competitive and informed. We are looking out for your best interests. Always.

A manufacturing worker doing their job
Rusty Hopkins

Meet Rusty Hopkins

Accounting professional for manufacturing, warehousing & distribution

Industry-specific expertise is critical for effective business and tax consulting. Rusty has specialized knowledge in the real estate, construction, manufacturing and service industries. He routinely provides consultative services to help clients create success. Rusty’s experience with manufacturing, warehousing and distribution companies span over twenty years. His first experience was with a local tool and die company that manufactured plastic injection molds. Since then he has amassed clients in a range of manufacturing including those in industries such as pharmaceuticals, wear-parts, poultry processing machines and sports equipment. He has experience with manufacturing clients in the U.S., Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands.