Healthcare Industry

Accounting services for the healthcare industry

BatesCarter understands that healthcare providers would much rather focus on the health of their patients and practicing their skills, instead of worrying about paperwork, fraud, insurance reimbursement and taxes. With the recent legislative rulings on healthcare, it is vitally important, now more than ever, to operate a health care organization to the highest standard as possible.

BatesCarter has the experience and qualifications to provide healthcare practices and professionals with the unique accounting needs to accurately run their practice.

Let the professionals at BatesCarter maintain the profitability of your healthcare practice. We can safeguard your assets and let the focus be on the improved health of Americans.

Contact us today if you are a Healthcare Professional who would like more information on our accounting services.

Rusty Hopkins

Meet Rusty Hopkins

Accounting professional for the healthcare Industry

Rusty has been serving professionals in the healthcare industry for over fifteen years. The challenges in this industry include both the run-of-the-mill and the complex. Rusty’s creative bend, probing questions, and years of experience make him the perfect match for medical professionals who want control of their practice and its future.