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Business Valuation

BatesCarter has provided business and company valuation services for over 18 years and is fortunate to have two, in-house, ABV (Accredited Business Valuation) certified consultants.

Ron Bracewell

Ron is the Director of BatesCarter’s ABV program, earned his ABV credential in 1997 and was honorably awarded by Shannon Pratt, the father of business valuation.

Martha Cartee

Martha attained her ABV in 2006 and is also a designated Certified Management Accountant (CMA) and Certified Financial Manager (CFM) by the Institute of Management Accountants.

Ron and Martha work hand in hand with our clients, attorneys and other certified CPAs to offer unmatched business valuation services to clients in the metro Atlanta area and across the state of Georgia.

Services provided by the Business Valuation Services group of BatesCarter include:

BatesCarter provides opinions of value and valuation reports for estate and gift matters. We are often asked by attorneys to provide them with valuation services and an official valuation opinion report to assist their clients with estate and gift planning. These valuation reports are considered a critical component for proper gift and estate and to withstand scrutiny from regulatory bodies.

Our firm frequently advises business owners wishing to sell his/her company and who require consultation about price expectations and negotiations. With our firm’s extensive tax and accounting background, we can provide expertise in asset allocation and tax consequences related to the sale of a business.

BatesCarter is also highly skilled at consulting with clients who are considering business acquisitions. In these engagements, BatesCarter seeks to advise clients about the risks and opportunities inherent in the business acquisition they are considering. This includes not only a value estimate, but also, a qualitative analysis of the riskiness of future cash flows and synergistic and growth opportunities.

From time to time, BatesCarter is consulted to advise the Courts and mediators through litigation support services by providing unbiased company valuations of items involved in a legal disputes.

Don’t risk letting your business or company be undervalued. BatesCarter is ready to help you with all of your company valuation needs and to answer any questions you may have! Contact us today for more information and to speak with an advisor.