Commercial Audit Services

Guiding your future Always

Creating value for business entities

Through our commercial audit services, BatesCarter creates value for our client's business. We strive for our commercial audit services to bring quality to the small and mid-sized businesses that we serve. This value and quality truly sets us apart. Our audit experts bring the knowledge of each client and apply our refined audit approach techniques, which have been honed and perfected since our inception. By choosing BatesCarter as your trusted advisor, we are able to find a solution to all your financial needs.

At BatesCarter, audits of closely-held businesses are an important facet in our audit and assurance service area. We provide audit services to a number of industries including construction, manufacturing, distribution, financial, and service businesses. Across the wide spectrum of our commercial audit base, we do not waiver in our adherence to high quality standards. We seek to exceed our client expectations. Always.

What can you expect from a BatesCarter audit?

  • An audit team that seeks first to understand your business: After we understand the internal workings of your business, our audit team develops an audit plan specific to your circumstances. No one audit plan fits all of our clients.
  • An audit team that is available after the audit is over: We recognize you might have questions during the whole year; not just during the audit. We are accessible to meet your needs when those needs arise.
  • An audit team that is dedicated to staff continuity: We strive to keep our audit teams intact so that you do not have to “retrain the auditors” year after year.
  • An audit team that is interested in your success: We understand that many audits are a requirement. We also understand there is value in what we do. Our job is to convert the audit process in to a valuable management tool. We do that through our initial desire to understand your business, our teachable moments during the audit and our management letter communications upon the completion of the audit.

Are you interested in adding value to your audit? Contact BatesCarter for a consultation with our Audit Team.