Corporate Tax

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Corporate Tax

The BatesCarter tax team works closely with our corporate clients to prepare income tax statements and shape tax strategies beneficial to the success of their business. Our tax accountants are responsible for filing various local, state and federal tax returns, keeping up to date with current tax law, processes and changes, as well as assisting companies if an internal audit ever becomes necessary.

 Our corporate tax accountants take responsibility for:

  • Filing various local, state and federal tax returns
  • Keeping up to date with current tax law, processes and changes
  • Assisting in preparing year-end adjustments
  • Advising on tax strategies beneficial to both the business and its owner
  • We consider ourselves a critical part to an entity’s corporate management team.

The corporate tax landscape is ever-changing. BatesCarter consistently improves our busiess tax filing process by remaining knowledgeable through continuing education, familiarity with your business, and through organized and accurate processes. Our cloud-based accounting service approach allows you to conveniently coordinate and communicate with our professional staff.

Why choose BatesCarter to handle your corporate tax accounting?

BatesCarter provides your business with outstanding client tools and resources to help you better control your corporate tax. Whether you are a small partnership or an S corporation, the BatesCarter approach to corporate tax accounting provides you with the best possible solutions for your business.